The journey begins

While trudging through 20 centimetres of snow on another dreary winter day here in Toronto, I decided to cultivate a new hobby to help me get through these next few months of gloom: travel blogging! I’ll be recapping a few past trips and documenting my plans for future travels. Check out a few shots of... Continue Reading →

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Off the beaten path in Tanzania: Ukerewe Island

I was browsing through my old photos albums the other day and came across the shots I took during my trip to Tanzania in 2017, so it's time to reminisce! I visited this East African country for the second time as a volunteer with a Canadian NGO and a group of Tanzanian healthcare workers running... Continue Reading →

A delicious weekend in Montréal

After returning from my grand journey in Southeast Asia and getting back into the grind of work and daily life this past month, I decided it was time to satisfy my travel craving once more. Mr. Chuckles had only a long weekend to spare for vacation time, so we opted to take a local mini... Continue Reading →

The last hoorah in Bangkok

After an exhausting 24 hours in transit, I'm now back home in chilly Canada. I had a pretty terrible flight experience on the way back - crowded plane, maximal recliner in front of me, loud snorer behind me, screeching toddler audible from the other end of the plane, and intense turbulence. I guess I used... Continue Reading →

Sizzling in Vang Vieng

Today's forecast: 38°C, sunny 🥵 Mosquito bite tally: 11 Sweating on the bumpy road to Vang Vieng I am composing this blog entry while hiding out in our hotel room to seek some reprieve from the extreme heat we've been experiencing over the past couple days. We arrived in Vang Vieng yesterday evening after a... Continue Reading →

A couple days in lovely Luang Prabang

Today's forecast: 40°C, hazy and humid ⛅️ Mosquito bite tally: 7 A walk around town We have had a great stay in Luang Prabang for the last couple days, one of which was my birthday. Celebrating a birthday on vacation - can't complain about that! As I mentioned in my previous entry, Luang Prabang is... Continue Reading →

Along the Mekong to Luang Prabang

Today's forecast: 37°C, very smoky 🔥 Mosquito bite tally: 7 Saying goodbye to PakbengWe woke up early this morning after an interesting evening, to continue onward with our slow boat cruise down the Mekong. We had breakfast at a bakery down near the docks, overlooking the river. We had been told that the elephant sanctuary... Continue Reading →

Rolling on the Mekong River

Today's forecast: 36°C, smoky 🔥 Mosquito bite tally: Still 5! Waking up to a smoky sunriseWe stayed the night in the border town of Chiang Khong as we approached our entry into Laos. We spent a quiet afternoon and evening preparing for our upcoming trip on the Mekong River slow boat, enjoying a final Thai... Continue Reading →

Toward the Thailand-Laos border

Today's forecast: 36°C, sunny with haze ⛅️ Mosquito bite tally: 5 Visiting the White Temple in Chiang RaiToday was mostly a travel day on account of us approaching our move onto the Laos portion of this trip. We packed up our bags in Chiang Mai early this morning and headed north toward Chiang Khong, which... Continue Reading →

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